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Our large dealership network, offers a wide range of vehicles, from fuel efficient, luxury SUVs, and even exotics. We have something for everyone no matter their budget or taste.

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Approvedhub.ca provides exceptional mortgage and auto loan services to all customers in the Whitby, Pickering, Oshawa and Ajax areas. We specialize in dealing with customers that have bad credit and need auto loans or mortgages. Approvedhub.ca has some of the most knowledgeable mortgage agents in the industry. This is why our mortgage and auto loan agents are rated best in the city. We offer the lowest possible mortgage and interest rates to our customers. Approvedhub.ca is known for it's easy mortgage and auto loan approval process. We also offer private lending services, home equity loans and more. Contact us today so we can get you approved.

If you can’t find your dream car, don’t worry we can get it for you! 

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